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To analyse the impactful companies for ESG integration in the business and bring the ratings and benchmarking to empower investors for informed decision making thereby catalysing the development of world class organizations in Asia-Pacific.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Collaboration

Know Our Team


JointValues is a unique pyramid of professionals scripting a success story.

Visionary experts in the field of ESG and climate change has joined-hands as pro-bono members in advisory council. These are backed by entrepreneurs as the directors for safeguarding the interest of all stakeholders.

To guide and establish the business systems and accomplish our mission, sector experts and professionals contribute as member of councils on focus areas and ensures the quality.

Passionate executives with complementary skills form the working group with vast network of interns infusing the energy for day-to-day work of research and analyses.

Central Advisory Council

Praveen Anant

Pro-Bono Advisor (ESG and Business Development)

Sarvashish Roy

Pro-Bono Advisor (ESG - Social Domain)

Karthik Kumar

Pro-Bono Advisor (Sustainable Finance Solutions)

Sanjeev Tripathy

Pro-Bono Advisor (ESG - Social Domain)

Business Process Advisory Council

Adwit Kashyap

Pro-Bono Member (ESG and Business Development)

Vishal Kaushik

Pro- Bono Member (Technology and Innovation)

Vikrant Malik

Pro- Bono Member (Technology and Innovation)

Team Member

Vedanshi Singh

Analyst (Climate Change Disclosures) & Media Outreach

Shivani Verma

Team Member (Content Developer)

Devanshi Lohri

Team Member (IT Platform and Software Development)

Shaurya Singh

Team Member (IT Platform & Software Development)

Akshay Pai

Team Member (ESG Research and Analysis)

Anjan Das

Team Member (ESG Research and Analysis)

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