About Us



To catalyse sustainable growth and empower the businesses in the Asia-Pacific to develop into world-class organizations.

Our mission is to analyse impactful companies and industrial sectors in Asia-Pacific and bring out ratings and benchmarking to empower investors for informed decision-making and thereby catalysing the integration of ESG and Climate Change aspects into businesses processes and decision makings.


JointValues is a unique pyramid of professionals.

Entrepreneurs and experts in the field of climate change and ESG has joined hands as pro-bono advisors to set up the JointValues. These are backed by true professionals as the Directors for safeguarding the interest of all stakeholders. For our vision, we owe to these gems.

To establish the business systems and accomplish our mission, highly competent and passionate executives form the core working group. They shine like stars.

To run the regular operations, sector experts and efficient manpower form our research and analysis team at different levels. They are our backbone.

A vast network of professionals and our interns infuse the day-to-day energy into the research and analyses. They set examples of value creation and scripting a success story at JointValues.