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Become an Advisor

Welcome to amplifying sustainability by becoming an advisor with us and contributing to positive change. 

New advisors join our community following the submission of their details through this form, facilitated by our strategic propellers and with the endorsement of our existing core advisors.

Why become an Advisor?

As an advisor with us, you will play a pivotal role in accelerating sustainable transformation for businesses, individuals, and the environment. Collaboratively, we can expand our network and synergize our efforts towards sustainability. Our advisors, having extensive experience, provide invaluable insights into business dynamics, sustainability matters, and ESG principles. Through pro-bono contributions, they guide us in navigating challenges and making informed decisions that uphold our purpose and vision.

Your association with us will be voluntary. Once onboard as an advisor, you will empower us to seek your guidance on new projects and involve you in advisory groups with mutual consent.

Find out what we expect from you in the form provided here below.


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In which capacity you would like to associate with us?
Please select any 3 industry which relate most to your experience.
Note: The above options are as per the Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS) by SASB.
Please select any 1 sustainability-related risks and opportunities areas (as per SASB Standards) which relate most to your experience for this association with us.
Besides your academic qualifications and professional experience, have you completed any of the following certifications?
Do you consent if we keep your name in the list of 'Advisors' at our website?
Do you consent to publish a welcome post for your association as an 'Advisor' on LinkedIn of JointValues by us upon needful verifications?
Note: In case you also like to show your association with us on your LinkedIn profile, please do so only after we enlist your profile on our website upon due process.
Would you also like to share your insights through the articles at our website?
By submitting this form, you agree to keep highest standards of ethics as an 'Advisor' with us.
By submitting this form, you express your commitment to collaborating and contributing towards the purpose, vision, and mission of JointValues. Upholding our values and ethics is essential.

Advisor Commitment:

Becoming an advisor requires contributing approximately one hour per quarter to scheduled meetings with our strategic partners and project leaders. Depending on your expertise, you might also be invited to join advisor sub-groups for new projects and the JointValues Awards. We will also invite you to share your insights on sustainability topics through articles or podcasts on our website.

Disassociation and Immunity:

Your association with us is a voluntary and pro-bono expression of social responsibility, devoid of any binding financial or non-financial obligations, ensuring no conflict with existing employment or contracts. You have the freedom to disassociate yourself by contacting us via the email displayed on our website.

We’re excited to enhance our partnership with you and work together towards a more sustainable future.

After you submit you will receive an auto acknowledgement on your screen.

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