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Associate With Us

Why Associate With Us?

Associating as a Sustainability Specialist with JointValues aligns us with a common purpose of Amplifying Sustainability by catalysing positive change. This association could lead to remarkable synergies, leveraging joint strength and enabling mutual benefits.

How we can collaborate?

  • Co-create sustainability-focused initiatives, campaigns, events, products, and services that address the needs of our clients and contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Explore opportunities to form a joint execution team for large and complex projects that require specialists on different sustainability topics to come together to approach and deliver high-value projects.

Besides, we can explore many more collaborations and opportunities as we continue our association.

Express Your Interest

Your profile details and being an associate enable us to initiate co-creating sustainability-focused initiatives and explore more formal collaboration with you through project-specific technical and financial value-sharing agreements in the future.

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In which capacity you would like to associate with us?
Please select any 3 industry which relate most to your experience.
Note: The above options are as per the Sustainable Industry Classification System (SICS) by SASB.
Please select any 1 sustainability domain (risks and opportunities area primarily as per SASB Standards) which relate most to your experience for this association with us.
Besides your academic qualifications and professional experience, have you completed any of the following certifications?
Do you consent to keep your name in the list of 'Sustainability Specialist' for your selected domains at our website?
Do you consent to publish a welcome post for your association as a 'Sustainability Specialist' on LinkedIn of JointValues by us upon needful process?
Note: In case you also like to show your association with us on your LinkedIn profile, please do so only after we enlist your profile on our website upon due process.
By submitting this form, I agree to associate with JointValues and collaborate time to time on specific projects and synergic business proposals.
Terms and Conditions for Association as a Sustainability Specialist with JointValues.

1) Financial and Benefit Sharing: Any financial and benefit-sharing relationship will be governed by separate contracts between JointValues and the associate, be it a freelance Sustainability Specialist or an organisation, for project-specific requirements. These bilateral contracts will be established after mutual discussion and agreement on terms with empanelled associates.

2) Liability and Immunity: JointValues and the associating Sustainability Specialist mutually agree to reserve immunity for any liability arising from actions, decisions, or consequences related to this in-principle memorandum of understanding for this association until and unless conditions to this effect are explicitly agreed upon in bilateral agreements signed by both parties for project-specific collaborations with benefit-sharing provisions.

3) Collaboration and Team Formation: This association enables JointValues to showcase the expertise of its associates while exploring business opportunities and time to time invite relevant associates from its talent pool to collaboratively form project-specific teams at suitable stages during the project bidding and execution process.

4) Branding and Communication: This association does not allow the associates to use the logo and name of JointValues for any communication with anyone until any project-specific agreement is signed between JointValues and the associating Sustainability Specialist or entity as an offshoot of this in-principle MoU of association.

5) Adherence to Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, and Ethics: As a Sustainability Specialist associated with us, when engaging in projects being executed by JointValues, you commit to upholding and aligning with the purpose, vision, mission, values, and ethics of JointValues as communicated on the About Us page at

6) Confidentiality: Both parties agree to maintain confidentiality regarding any proprietary or sensitive information shared during the course of this association.

7) Termination: Either party reserves the right to terminate this association with prior written notice.

By proceeding, you confirm your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

After you submit you will receive an auto acknowledgement on your screen.