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Co-foundation and Incubation

Through our co-foundation and incubation initiatives, we invest in sustainable ventures while providing mentorship and support. If you have a business idea, we can connect you with a network of like-minded individuals for collaboration and co-founding your new venture.

  • We have invested in “Climate Quotient!” (CQ!), an ESG content creation firm that produces content for our corporate clients. Check out the work of CQ! on its LinkedIn page. Contact Us to have media-ready ESG content developed for you by CQ!
  • We have co-founded CourtMaestro, a sports-tech startup uniquely positioned to transform the management of court-based sports events and the experiences of players and enthusiasts. Check out more at
  • We have co-founded “WhizzX”, a foremost platform for revolutionizing the ecosystem for students’ internships and project deliveries by freelance experts and professionals.
  • We are developing a platform to rate consumer products based on ESG criteria, catering to a community of conscious buyers in the Indian market.

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